Business make up Krakow

Offer directed to small, medium and large companies.
Prepare a person (make up + hair) for photo:
-the needs of the advertising campaign
-on a web page
-press to articles
-recordings of television advertising
-to the important conferences and speeches
To look good in light of the camera lens You not only need a well-chosen outfit you schould draw attention to the appearance of the skin and hair, which are an essential part of man's image.
Business make up is a type of photographic, television and daily make-up.
Colour cosmetics is individually tailored to the person, their needs and the expected effect.
The most important aspect is proper preparation of the skin, unify its color, gloss over the imperfections and highlight the advantages of beauty.
The skin should be fumed in order to eliminate the effect of light and give a feeling of comfort to the client. Make-up is executed for both women and men.
Hairstyling for the purposes of a photo shoot.
The appearance of hair in the pictures is of particular importance branding. Hair stacked in a disarray or protruding strands, pose a a big problem for both people I photograph and the photographer.
The customer have mostly some problems with styling ours hair in appropriate way. Hairdresser professionally take care of the customer. The hair will control during the whole session.
What are the adventages of being make up artist & hair stylist during the photo shoot?
Make up artist gives a sense of control, watching over every detail that could affect the overall assessment of the images and the image of a person.